Myth Busting!


MYTH: Focusing on organic fruits and vegetables like sweet potato, avocado, and blueberries will give my child a healthy start in life.

TRUTH: Most fruits and vegetables that appear healthy are not rich in the critical nutrients a baby needs to thrive. If they are the focus in the diet, the child will be left deficient, impacting their growth and development.


MYTH: Breast milk gives my baby all they need to thrive in the first year of life and food is just for fun

TRUTH: Breastmilk is deficient in iron, one of the MOST critical nutrients a child needs for brain growth and development. In fact, optimal iron status is directly related to higher IQ. In the first few months of life the baby uses the iron it has stored from birth. Sometime around 6 months of age these stores run out and the baby MUST get iron from food. Unfortunately infant cereal is often a poor source


MYTH: I can just feed my baby what we are eating for dinner.

TRUTH: Babies are not little adults. By weight, a baby requires 9 times more iron and 4 times more zinc than an adult male. Feeding them a small version of what’s optimal for an adult will not nourish them to their full potential.

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What's Included

10 information packed videos

Eliminate overwhelm and confusion. These videos will make you an expert so you can confidently optimize your baby's nutrition.

3 detailed e-books (Food Introduction Timeline, Feeding Schedules, and a Recipe Book)

The step-by-step tools every mom needs to be able to know what to feed, when to feed food/milk, and how to prepare the food.

Exclusive access to Little Warrior Way system 

Our proprietary system guiding you through how to build a daily menu for your baby that is optimized for all critical macro and micro nutrients

1 LIVE Q&A Session

With your coaches Esther Epp and Briana Santoro, Certified Nutritionists (replay will be provided)

How is this course different?

Other resources give you information, food lists, and recipes to help you understand what foods are healthy for your baby. BUT! They don't help you answer the most important question...

Is my baby getting OPTIMAL amounts of ALL critical nutrients EVERY DAY?

  • Right now, can you say with confidence that today your little one received optimal amounts of choline? (one of the most critical nutrients for the brain and nervous system development)
  • How about iodine? (a deficiency being the greatest single cause of preventable brain damage)
  • And iron? Fortified infant cereal is often recommended as a supplemental form of iron. However, providing the amount suggested on the box doesn't provide optimal amounts of iron, leaving many children deficient. (in the first 2 years of life iron deficiency effects on the brain can't be reversed)

Learn how the Little Warrior Way system easily answers this important question:

  • With this system you will never again wonder if you child's nutrition is optimized
  • These proprietary worksheets have been designed to make it super simple for parents to build and visualize meals for their baby that contain optimal amounts of all critical nutrients, while simultaneously balancing the fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. (the worksheets do the hard work so you don't have to)
  • The best part is - you get to choose which foods to include!
  • With this system you will be able to effortlessly feed your child with confidence, knowing you are nourishing them to their full potential

Topics Covered

  • Why getting nutrition right in the first 2 years of life is CRITICAL (and how baby's health suffers if we don't)
  • The RIGHT time to introduce solids (too early can increase risk of eczema, celiac disease, type 1 diabetes, obesity and poordigestion and introducing too late leaves them nutrient deficient which increases the risk of many other health conditions)
  • Avoiding food allergies: Best time to introduce new foods (what the research ACTUALLY says and what experts are telling you are two different things)
  • The low-down on infant cereal (it’s not the iron-powerhouse it’s marketed to be!)
  • Learn which nutrients are MOST critical for a growing baby
  • Our Little Warrior Way system provides a simple tool for understanding how to optimize ALL critical nutrients on a daily basiswhile giving you the flexibility to choose which foods work best for your child
  • A list of baby specific superfoods for each critical nutrient so you can ensure your child is fully nourished
  • Purees vs baby led weaning and how getting this wrong can have serious health implications
  • What tested feeding tools best reduce toxicity, picky-eating, and reflux, while improve feeding success
  • A step-by-step breakdown of suggested foods to offer in the first 2 years (and when to introduce them)
  • A helpful recipe book and food preparation strategies to ensure your success
  • Leading strategies for raising an adventurous eater who has a positive relationship with food
  • Simple feeding schedules that eliminate confusion about when to offer food/breastmilk/bottle
  • Detailed supplement guides (including which brands are best) for optimizing a vegan, vegetarian, paleo, whole foods, ornutrient-deficient diet, so no child is left behind

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What Happens If I Don't Nourish My Baby To Their Full Potential?

Research shows that the first 1000 days of life (3 months before pregnancy to the age of 2) are the most critical for brain, body, metabolic, and immune system development. We know that optimizing key nutrients during those sensitive times of development will have a lifelong effect on the development of our child.

Eating the wrong foods and consuming a diet lacking in key nutrients during this time is linked to a host of childhood health issues such as picky eating, food allergies, eczema, stunted growth, etc. In addition, poor nutrition as a child can even increase their susceptibility of developing diseases in adulthood such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Thankfully, how we feed our child during this critical window of time can help pre-program them for health.

Let’s do this mama! We look forward to helping you nourish your baby to their full potential and give them a foundation in health they will benefit from for the rest of their lives.

Meet your hosts

Who we are and why other moms trust us

Esther Epp

Certified Nutritionist & Registered Kinesiologist

I'm Esther! I'm a Certified Nutritionist, Registered Kinesiologist, and trained yoga instructor. I'm the cofounder of, a speaker, and a mom of 2 incredible kids who have been the motivation behind my passion to help nourish kids to their full potential. In my spare time I love playing in the park with the kids, hanging out at farmer's markets (even when I don't need groceries!), fitness, green juice, and reading the latest research in paediatric nutrition.

Briana Santoro

Certified Nutritionist

Hi, I'm Briana! I'm a Certified Nutritionist with a previous career in business strategy consulting. I am a #1 best selling author, speaker, co-founder of and a mom to 2 rambunctious little boys. I'm passionate about simplifying paediatric nutrition research so moms can feed their baby with confidence. In my spare time I love swimming with the kids, farmer's markets, travel, reading, crafting new recipes, working out, and sleep (when I can get it!).

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