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A Brand Often Recommended By Doctors

Contains 5 different and unnecessary artificial colours that some studies suggest could be harmful to a growing baby.


#1 Brand Recommended By Doctors

Contains a cheap form of folic acid that may be harmful to 40-60% of the population. (Download the scorecard to learn which form is best)


A Very Popular Drug Store Brand

Contains potentially harmful preservatives such as BHT


Two Popular Whole Food Based Prenatals

Start with synthetic nutrients, yet promote the products as containing whole-food fermented ingredients and raw food created nutrients.


Non-medicinal Ingredients

Find out if your prenatal contains artificial colours, dyes, preservatives, added sweeteners, and other unnecessary ingredients.


Contains High Quality Forms Of Nutrients

Find out if your prenatal contains the high quality forms of nutrients that are more absorbable, effective, and less harmful.


Optimal Quantity Of Important Nutrients

Find out if your prenatal contains the optimal amounts of critical nutrients your baby needs to thrive.

What others had to say...

Jaclyn M


"I assumed all prenatals were the same just different branding until I saw this. With this new knowledge I feel confident in choosing high quality prenatals that will nourish my baby."

Camille W


"This scorecard gave me so much helpful information and clarity. I originally was taking a popular prenatal brand, but then realized when reading this scorecard that it ranked low - it didn't contain the optimal forms of essential nutrients and even contained artificial colours which could be harmful. I have switched for my second pregnancy!"

Jennifer L


"I was surprised to learn that so many prenatals market themselves as providing everything you need, yet they contain low amounts of cheep quality ingredients that are poorly absorbed. This was a big eye opener!"

Some brands we ranked

You Want What's Best For Your Baby. We're Here To Help.

We know how it feels to want the very best for your baby. As Certified Nutritionists we were committed to finding the best prenatal available for preconception as well as during our pregnancies and postpartum period. Mediocre just wasn't an option for our growing little warriors! We spent over 400 hours going down every rabbit hole and the result is this research-backed ranking of the top 15 most popular prenatal multivitamins on the market.

Some prenatals are awesome, nourishing, and full of great quality ingredients in optimal amounts. Some are lousy, loaded with cheap ingredients, and even contain questionable added ingredients that may be harmful to our babies (best to avoid these ones!). Download the scorecard today to make sure you are providing your little one with the best start in life.